From Israel with love!

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  Dear friends!

We do our best to provide a great costumer support, don't hesitate to contact us with any question we would happily assist you with your query. Our company takes pride in its belief that "the difference is in the details.".  In our factory we manually designs everything indoors, we don't outsource designs we however make custom designs per customer's requests however 100% of our designs are made by us.  This is a traditional process that has been practiced for centuries, but the accessories themselves have always been fashionable and relevant work of art if they are filled with Love and Harmony.

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We make your dreams come true!

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We are here to make sure you are satisfied!

We also offer advanced custom choices to our clients, for example you saw Earrings with an English hook and you want a simple hook we can swap them around to your requests, we can also make the wires in gold if you are interested, we can also use 14k gold instead of 9k, if you wish for us to make further changes to our designs we can do so, just contact us and we will see if your requested changes are possible.

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Original product 100%!

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Quality first!

If you happen to receive a faulty item, whether its from transport damage or factory error we would fix the item free of charge, we however aren't liable to misuse of our product, we will fix products that were damaged out of warranty for a fee, the fee will be determined by the severity of the damage, if the damage isn't too great we will fix it for free even out of warranty *subject to our discretion. 
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Only handmade!

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Our designers do their best to make your jewelry flawless.

As a factory we don't carry any stock and make jewelry to order, you as a client enjoy our lower retail prices as we don't have the same costs of a retail store, but you have our support in case you encounter any issues. Our factory is located in the Holy City of Nazareth in the Holy Land of Israel. We strive to offer the best quality in the market. Please enjoy the low retail prices on our website, we are the manufacturers of the product and you do not need to pay additional fees in the store.

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Safe purchase!

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Our site has a SSL system certified by a respectable British company.

Which ensures a secure connection and excludes any possibility of theft of the data that you provide when paying and registering! Be confident in purchases made on our website! We have done everything that is required to protect your data from intruders! 


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   Thank you for your precious time and we hope you enjoy your purchase.

We hope that the process of choosing jewelry will be not only pleasant for you, but also positively emotional. We sincerely hoped for this by creating this site! 

Best regards,

Simenda Jewellery Team! 

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We made a video of our jewelry creation process 

If you are interested or just curios. here is our exact process of making jewelry made for your viewing pleasure.