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Simenda Jewellery brooches in NYC



Nazerth Illit's city hall .





  I was very excited  once our own Vice Mayor Alex Gadalkin has asked to make 5 very unique brooches for the 60 years since Naezerth Illit was founded.These broaches were to be gifted in New York City to delegates attending there. We at Simenda make special order everywhere around the world even in our own back yard. 

It was an honor to be asked to make those broaches as a gift for the 60 years town birthday.

We also created limited edition tie holders (Image below).




  With hard work and creativity I have made 5 brooches, Each of them is made with Sterling silver 925 and had a custom made,  9 karat gold shaped flower hand welded to each of them and small CZ being added to give the perfect touch. 





  As a token of appreciation for the trust put in our jewelry to represent our City hall in New York City we made two of a kind Tie holders made from Sterling silver 925 with 9 Karat gold and with a real diamond.

  We are happy that our Municipality chose us in order to represent them in NYC.

  We are happy to accept custom work from our clients, if you have any questions please message us at the following link. Press Here



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