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Silver Jewelry sales rise


Silver versus Gold price

For long time now, Silver was considered the cheaper and less desired metal while Gold and Platinum Jewelry were considered as the latest trend in fine jewelry, but the tides have turned Gold jewelry is in declining trend for over 10 years and silver is on the rise.

Gold costs 70, yes 70 times more than silver *By the date of 9.11.2016

So it is a no brainer why silver rises quickly amongst the fine metal. For example a ring with sterling silver can cost roughly 50$, while the same ring with gold will cost 500$ at least but its the same ring, same effort and time were put into making both rings but the only diffrence is the metal.

Silver is trending

In the jewelry industry silver has long been considered one of the noble metals; a category which includes gold and platinum. But the public has sometimes ascribed "Inferior"  or secondary status to silver, treating it merely as an affordable alternative to gold.

Not so any more.

With the steep rise in the price of gold in recent years, more and more top jewelry designers have turned to sterling silver for their most innovative designs. Sterling silver is a mixture of 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent copper. While other metals can be used, copper has proven to be the best alloy, adding the necessary strength without affecting the cool elegance of silver.

Sterling silver is a hard metal that will stand the test of time. It can be easily filed and polished by jeweler's to repair any surface damage that may occur during normal wear. Rings are easily sized, and the repair costs for silver are extremely economical.


How to maintain silver jewelry?


Sterling silver remains timeless for a long time; to increase its longevity it is best to keep away from water, lotions and perfumes and to take them off when doing household chores to avoid contact with chemicals.

It also reacts with the air and can start to tarnish or ‘oxidise’, and because of this it is advised to keep them in an air-tight bag, but there are ways to bring back the sultry shine. You can use a silver polishing cloth to carefully clean the jewellery, if you don’t have one of these then a lint-free or microfiber cloths works well too.

Sterling silver is designed to be work often, so by simply wearing it all the time will help maintain the shine. The natural oils in your skin will clean the jewellery.


A detailed guide about silver preservation you can be found here : Link



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