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How to maintain jewelry


If you want your Jewellery to keep the shine it had the joy it gave you, and to keep the shine for longer periods of time, make your gemstones sparkle like they never sparkled before, you must respect the Jewel.


Common jewelry preservation tips


Avoid causing damage to your jewelry, try to avoid any liquids especially cleaning products, perfume, chlorine, and iodine.


  • When you put on your perfume it’s better to put the perfume first then the jewelry if doing it backwards will cause the silver to turn black much quicker.


  • Also don’t forget when you wash the house or the dishes  to take your jewelry off.

Regarding chlorine please try to avoid entering pools with jewelry on, simillar to the perfume it will cause the silver to turn black much quicker.


When jewelry comes in contact with active ingredients (perfume, chlorine, iodine, and crèmes) stains may appear ,loss of shine and many unpleasant side effects.


  • At night when you go to sleep don’t forget to take off your jewellery, don’t leave the jewellery in the bathroom, and don’t leave the jewellery on the shelf with makeup products or crèmes.


  • To avoid having scratches on your jewelry use a special bag per jewel or wrap each jewel with soft fabrics.


  • If your jewellery has gemstones it’s recommended to avoid sudden changes in temperatures this can harm your gemstone and not recommend and best to be avoided. For example exiting a sauna and diving in a pool (although you shouldn’t enter the sauna\pool with jewelry anyway).​


 As stated above if you are planning on doing home chores any manual labor its best to avoid wearing jewelry in the process, since your jewelry will be more exposed and more likely to get damaged.


Your jewelry needs a delicate touch.

If your gemstones lost their rainbow color you should dedicate some time and wash it, bring the old spark back to life.


Uncontrollable elements that makes your jewelry look old too fast


  • Oil - Gemstones usually covered with oil, you touch your jewelry often and every person on earth has fingerprints each finger prints is like an oil painting so every time you touch your jewel you leave small traces of oil and after some time without cleaning your jewel the oil builds up and your jewels loses its shine.


  • Dust - dust is everywhere in the house no matter how clean your house is, there will always be dust and it will touch your jewelry so cleaning your jewel frequently is recommended.


Specific gemstone treatment guidlines


Gemstone Jewelry is recommended to wash with a soft brush, with not aggressive soup in a small tub filled with warm water.


Amethyst, Topaz, Pearl, Turquoise gets effected by UV lights therefore is recommended to keep jewelry with those gemstones at a dark place.


Pearl, Opal, Moonstone, Coral and Malachite are really affected by high humidity therefore it’s recommended to wash them with minerals and low soup/water ratio and afterwards to rewash with clean water.


Emeralds, Rubies and sapphires can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, 5-10 drops per glass of water, after you washed the jewelry wash it again with clean water and dry with soft fabric.





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