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Tourism in Israel


Life in Israel

Are you planning on visiting Israel in the near future,perhaps know someone that might visit Israel? Israel is outheastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea, Israel has many attraction for visitors and many encredible landscapes, Israel is one of the only countries you can see a forest, a desert a sea and a big living city all within 30 minute drive.

Israel and espcially it's capitol are very important to all the 3 major religions and regardless of your belifes you will find solace in this country. If you are more the traveling type there tons of tourist attractions, whether you like hiking in the desert mountains sleeping in the dessert under the starry night, or are you more of a forest person liking hiking in the forest or climbing green mountains and staying in a cabin, or would you like to have a relaxing stay in the hotel by the beach, maybe stroll the old allyways in the ancient cities like Jaffa,Jerusalem or Acre? Or are you a party animal that likes to hangout in clubs till 5 am? Israel has very rich night life, stunning scenery, religous segnificant places and the cuisines, Israel is a country that is Heavly influced by many cultures, both the East and the West in some parts of the country you will feel like you are in a western country and in some parts of the country you will feel like you are located in arab country. Israel is great it's multicultural and has a lot to offer.


Our tourist package

So if you have decided to visit Israel, one of your friends or relatives is planning to visit or is currently living there, we offer you the following package, you buy on our site prior to arriving to Israel, or order and item to be paid in the country, we will offer to ship it straight to your hotel or residents, or you can pick up the order directly at our factory, and if you want we can give you a tour in our factory, we are located in Nazerth Illit, and we welcome anyone to visit us from Sunday to Friday from 8 A.M to 4 P.M local time.


Tourist groups 

Israel Jewellery is in large demand in many countries, buying jewelry from the holy land that is handmade by the most gifted artisan will add extra value to collectors or store owners, Israel is one of the leading Jewelery manufacturing country relative to it's small size. Our style are very unique and we have designs that you will see rarely manufactured outside Israel and if you plan on reselling our goods you will have an open market since not many people know of this unique Israeli style, once your clients will gaze upon the designs they will love it instantly.

If you plan on ordering a large quantity for a group, or even to resell in your country please contact us priorly we will offer you a wholesale price. The goods can be picked up either directly from our factory and we can show you our factory, or we can send it directly to your hotel.



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