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Wholesale Silver and Gold Jewellery. Buy wholesale Israel silver jewelry .


Wholesale Silver jewelry


Selling high quality wholesale silver jewelry can be very rewarding. Our silver jewelry lines are proven to be consistently profitable for our many customers throughout the U.S. and around the world. We have been a leading silver jewelry wholesaler for over 15 years, bringing to market the latest in trendy wholesale fashion jewelry and classic wholesale silver jewelry styles.

As a high volume sterling silver wholesale jewelry distributor, we work closely with sterling silver exporters around the globe and are direct silver jewelry importers. Our collections feature wholesale  jewelry, wholesale Sterling silver and 9 karat gold ringsearringsbraceletsnecklaceschainspendants,  and much more. We encourage you to explore our selection of fine wholesale sterling silver jewelry.


Our wholesale production.


Dear importer we offer attractive prices to our wholesale clients,

Our quality is superior to most of our peers, yet our prices are one of the lowest in the state of Israel, you will find our prices so low that you will be able to profit around 2 to 3 times over the purchase price (excluding customs fees), even with the customs fees you will find our jewelry much cheaper than your local suppliers.

If you will order from us constantly with high volume, we can offer additional discounts.


Exclusivity clause


Clients may request the following option, if you have been working with us for some time and if you keep orders constant.

With this option we will not accept any new clients in your region that may hurt your profit margin.


Our loyalty


That goes directly after our exclusivity clause, if we agreed on not serving in your region besides you and one of your competitors tries to offer us better quantity and price we will refuse, because we are loyal to our clients and we hope to keep a long business venture for years to come, and we expect that from you as well.


Our payment plan


Once you selected the desired items you want, please send me their codes to my E-mail, I’ll try within several days to compile a pricelist with the prices of those codes.

Note that if you order 5 styles 100 times, will be much cheaper than 100 styles 5 times each, but fear not we have wholesale clients that order over 30 times per style, and clients who order 5 times per style they both receive different labor price but still both are very pleased with the price.

In the pricelist you will find, gemstone weight and price, Silver weight and price, gold weight and price and labor per gram, the total weight of the item and the total price of the item.

Once you receive the initial pricelist you can add styles, remove styles and ask to change the price on some of the items if possible we will give you the new price if not we explain the reason we couldn't lower the price on that specific model.

After we sent you an updated pricelist and everything checks out we will require 30% of the pricelist as prepayment to purchase silver, gold, gemstones and pay our employs.

About a week before we finish production we will notify you that we are about to finish your order and will require the rest of the 70% plus shipment, once the payment is cleared we will ship the following day.


Delivery time


We have 15 highly skilled employees, that work around the clock to make the best quality possible, regarding the delivery time, since you are first time client your order will take from 1 to 2 months (depending on the quantity) since we first need to serve our old clients but your next order delivery time will be cut in half and will be around 3-4 weeks because we will see you are serious enough to work with us and hire more people. Our factory isn’t limited by quantity of orders so we can make any order you want only problem is labor, so once we establish good connection and see constant orders from you, you will see your delivery time only becoming shorter and shorter since we will hire more people to handle your order


If you have any concerns, questions or ideas please contact me , in the contact us tab, or E-mail me directly at Daniel@simenda.com


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