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Warranty and returns




Every jewellery that is done in our factory is being tested thoroughly in 3 independent laboratories.


  • Tel Aviv - Israel
  • Moscow - Russia
  • London - England


With over 18 years of experience in the jewelry business and thousands of clients worldwide and positive feedbacks we can confidently say our quality is one of the best in Israel and is suitable for quality experts worldwide.


All of our silver is pure high quality imported from Italy.


All the products you see on simenda.com are tripled checked before shipped.


We ask only the highest quality from our employs we will never skip on faulty jewel, we will fix it immediately, and we strive the offer the best quality we are able to make.


Our clients are like our family members we hope to maintain a long lasting relationship with them and therefore we offer our clients the best quality handmade jewelry can be made.


  • Every item you purchase from our store is under warranty for 1 whole year from the day of the purchase.


  • We give life time warranty to our gold plates, they are welded manually and we give you a lifetime promise that if the gold falls of your Simenda jewellery Silver & Gold item we will repair\replace that item.


  • If there is a flaw from our production within the warranty time we will fix it for free, but if the flaw is inflicted by the user or not within the warranty time if the client is interested in a repair they will pay full repair cost and shipment.


  • If there is a flaw with your jewelry that was caused by the manufacturer you entitled to repair of the product free of charge


   Return damaged goods.



If item arrived damaged you have 7 working days to contact us for a return, beyond that percentage of the refund will be deducted.


If our expert find that the damage wasn’t caused during production, the client will have to pay for repair fees and return shipping, but we won’t offer refund for self-inflicted damage to jewel by the client.


The manufacturer Simenda Jewellery is entitled to refuse refund by either of those reasons


  • If the 1 year warranty is over.
  • If any damage is done to internal parts of the jewel.
  • If any signs of dramatical changes in temperature (*Please read our guides on how to preserve your jewelry)
  • If any modification done to the jewelry by either the client or a 3rd party.
  • If any misuse done by the client that cause either gemstone falling, gemstone cracking, silver or gold color change, scratches and other defects that occurred due to misuse of the product.
  • Missing appropriate documents (Proof of payment)
  • If there any health issues (Health issues cause silver to turn black much faster).


If a product was sent before we agreed receiving it we won’t accept it and the item will be returned to you so prior to returning your item contact us.


Still have questions? Call us or contact us – right now! We will help, advise and answer any question you might have.

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