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Sterling silver guide



History of Silver


Long time ago our ancestors found a shiny metal that reminded them of the moon, that was soft yet firm.


Back in the day when silver was harder to come by its price was greater than gold and platinum.


As time passed technology evolved and silver extraction became much easier and therefore the price have dropped but the metal is considered by many the best looking fine metal around.


In the late 19th century silver extraction became much easier and price started to decline up until now, now price of silver start to steadily grow.


Due to the high defecate between silver and other fine metals the common consumer can afford a stylish good looking piece of silver jewelry without leaving a huge dent in the wallet.


Also finding special designed jewelry beside the common band is almost impossible most gold and platinum jewelry look the same a small common band and a bad price but with sterling silver you can find so many variations with a decent price for you wanting to get more if you want a special jewel that will represent your taste and personality look no further!

Sterling silver is your best bet.


Which form of silver is the best?


From our school chemistry classes we can learn the pure silver, like gold is very soft (999 silver).


If jewelry is made out of pure silver (999) it won’t be very durable, it will get scratches very fast and lose its form very quickly therefore pure silver jewelry isn’t done, and if it’s done its not recommend to purchase it because you will have to change your jewelry frequently.


Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper.

The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.


So how can you buy a silver jewelry safely?

A bit of history courtesy of Wikipedia.

“The sterling alloy originated in continental Europe and was being used for commerce as early as the 12th century in the area that is now northern Germany.

In England the composition of sterling silver was subject to official assay at some date before 1158 during the reign of Henry II, but its purity was probably regulated from centuries earlier…”


Sterling silver got its name from the British currency pound sterling, since back in the day England used sterling silver as the metal for their sterling pounds and from there Sterling silver got its “Sterling”.


Our sterling silver isn’t like most sterling silver out there we mix pure silver with more expensive German imported Alloy(AGSAG) therefore our sterling silver doesn’t get all the bad properties from the copper.


Question- What is the best silver?

Answer- The best silver is Sterling silver.


The use of silver


  • Tableware
  • Jewelry
  • Electric parts
  • Medicine
  • Cosmetics
  • Film Industry
  • Occultism


Studies regarding silver


During the silver research, scientists were convinced of the correctness of folk wisdom

For example, the research confirmed disinfecting properties of silver. In contact with the silver, harmful flora, causing many diseases and also death, died once came in contact with a silver plate.


Silver has wound regenerating properties, it was known by our ancestors when in battlefields silverware was applied to wounds.


The same principle applies silver water in burn centers. Antibiotics kill up to 10 kinds of harmful bacteria, and silver destroys almost all types of bacteria for which there are diseases and thus receive all positive real power trace.


In medicine, silver is used in the formulations of the widest range of applications, i.e. entering the human organism, silver is cleansing, curative and rejuvenating action.


In life, silver enters the human body by eating cabbage, cucumbers, dill. Interestingly, gold and silver are present in all human organs - teeth, brain, liver, kidney, skin, bones. And if, in the human body does not have enough of these metals, he becomes nervous and restless.


Silver and water   

Silver has the ability to ionize the water, thus receives all the properties of silver.


To obtain silver water is necessary to pour it into a silver vessel or put a silver object inside water for about a day.


In addition, water has a rejuvenating effect. It can wash, rinse head and body.


Silver water can clean the room from energy entities.


At night, it is recommended to wash the baby with silver water, thus removing it from negative energy, and secure a quiet night and a good night's sleep.


Silver, Moon and Mystics


The closest space object- the moon has always interested people with its mystery and magic power.


Moon is credited with the secret ability to defend and protect people. Metal, symbolizing the moon on the Earth - silver, with which it affects the subtle power of the person, creating a protective field around it, protect or neutralize the evil directed at him.


When buying silver jewelry, it makes us happy with their appearance, noble metal, the artist's imagination. But apart from the purely visual pleasure, we acquire a talisman that would protect us invisibly in all cases of life, enveloping us invisible, magic, positive energy, make us purer, kinder and wiser.


Why and how silver darkens over time


Being in a clean and dry place, sterling silver will never be dark, also it won’t darken on healthy people, not obsessed with negative energies.


Therefore, it is proved that silver is an excellent health diagnostics and energy state of a person.

A person can wear silver jewelry over the years, and to receive from it a lot of fun, and suddenly it happened...! It turned dark.


You must remember that you can’t use the pool or radon sources with silver products.


How to clean silver


In addition to the factory polishing and cleaning products there are many ways to clean silver, which are shared to our clients. Here are some of them.


  • The most popular way to clean jewelry is the use of tooth powder, or the cheapest toothpaste.


  • Apply tooth powder or toothpaste over the brush rub the product. You can use an old, soft toothbrush. Rinse with clean water. Wipe with a clean cloth.


  • Any mixture of shampoo and a few drops of ammonia.


  • A very original way to make your jewelry shine like new product is to put the jewelry in a sock (note don’t put two jewelry in one sock). Then add the sock to the usual laundry. The most important part is to avoid any bleaching material in the laundry cleaning product (without chlorine).


Beware of cheap silver


Everything has a price in this world. So the price of jewelry from all manufacturers consists of approximately equal parts.

And suddenly  you see “silver jewelry” that the total price seems good even too good to be real.


We know that there is no free lunch, even in a mousetrap the cheese isn’t free, we want the cheese but not to get caught in the trap but it’s unavoidable, getting cheap silver has its toll.


We want to tell you why it is dangerous to be tempted and seduced by a cheap commodity.


We already know that silver is in itself a noble metal, carrying heat, light, goodness and health.


Cheap fine metal (plated silver or plated gold) are harmful to your body.


Here is the main reason why you shouldn’t buy cheap silver.


  • Nickel, nickel is usually added to plated fine metals as part of the process , nickel is a strong metal giving the cheap metal the plated metal covers a sturdy touch but you probably didn’t know that nickel causes allergy which worsened gives eczema or itchy swelling, hives. Nickel tends to accumulate in the human body if the nickel product is worn for a long time, you can get diseases such as cancer or paralysis. Therefore Europe banned Nickel jewelry but still people sell and buy plated jewelry harming themselves and their clients so my advice to you not as a consumer but as human being avoid at all costs nickel jewelry(Plated jewelry).


  • Lead , in our time, it is a rare sight to see a person who doesn’t know about lead poisoning, which like nickel tends to accumulate in the blood. This leads to a state of depression, fatigue, headaches and paralysis. Lead can also cause difficulties with men potency and women childbearing.


  • Rhodium, Rhodium is a rare precious metal, which costs 10 times more than gold. Products made with this metal aren’t produced with care due to the high price of the metal fragility and very severe treatment. Sometimes rhodium is used in gold and silver as a coating (plated jewelry). It is believed that products that are covered by rhodium won’t get any scratches due the metal being so tough. But this isn’t true. Since rhodium is very expensive metal, coating is very thin.


​The money you saved on a cheap jewelry might hurt in the future, also plated jewelry usually doesn’t last very long after an year or two the fine metal starts to peel off and the jewelry loses its value and it can’t be fixed for plated jewelry is on One-time jewelry the moment it breaks it cannot be fixed unlike fine metal jewelry that can be fixed easily.


If you are going to buy silver jewelry at a store, online store, we recommend that you buy a high-grade jewelry with a written warranty card, which will be written that there aren’t any nickel, rhodium or lead, and if the store doesn’t have that or the store owner won’t sign in his own signature that their product isn’t nickel,lead and rhodium free I wouldn’t recommend buying from that store.


You need to feel free to buy the product, that will bring you  joy, luck and health, not problems and despair.




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